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Tips for Picking out Your Paint Colors

Did you know that color plays a significant part in how we feel towards something? Research shows that 60% of how we feel about something is based solely on its color. Take the time to personalize the walls on the interior and exterior of your home. Create a place that you adore, a place in which you can relax, and a place that you love to wake in the morning and return to at the end of the day. Below you will find some tips on how to pick out the right paint colors for your project.

Start Small

First of all, remember that choosing color takes some time. You may choose several different colors and paint finishes before you make your final decision. Benjamin Moore Paint, which offers 3,400 colors and 5 product lines (including Personal Color Viewer, an app that allows you to preview colors on your walls before you paint), is preferred by designers for its durability and is a great place to start.

To try out some color options and finishes, you can either start with a small room such as your bathroom, or go with a small accent wall in a room you have already decorated. One of the suggestions the professionals use when trying to make color decisions is to pick a favorite piece of artwork or pillow, pick a color out of it, and try painting a small accent wall first. You know you already love the color and are not painting an entire room if the room does not look as you envisioned it.

Consider the Mood of the Room

The mood and purpose of the room will play a huge part in what color paint you use. For rooms such as bedrooms, you want a place where you can relax and wind down. Therefore, you may wish to avoid bold colors which could detract from sleep and relaxation. Instead, opt for neutrals and warm tones. For other rooms, such as a playroom, it may be a good idea to go with bright and bold colors like orange or lime green.

Get a Fresh Look

After the room is freshly painted, take a step back and get a fresh look. Try leaving the room for a few minutes to clear your mind. Then re-enter the room for a fresh view. Still love it, or still hate it? This tip will give you a different perspective.

If you are still struggling to figure out colors to use in which rooms, e.d.’s paint & decorating will be more than glad to help you create your dream walls. We specialize in both indoor and outdoor painting to make everything just right for you. Contact us for a color consultation in Lexington and Columbia, SC today!


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