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Furniture Staging

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Not sure if you are maximizing your space? Need a better flow for your furniture, art and accessories? Looking to do some decluttering and make your home more streamlined? Let us help! We offer professional furniture staging in Lexington and Columbia, SC. Furniture staging is a quick (and very affordable) way to either give your existing home a new attitude or to help improve the design and appearance of a home to expedite its sale. Whatever your reason, our design professionals will work with your furnishings and space to create a more pleasing environment and a new outlook!

How does furniture staging work? As in every service we provide, it’s a highly collaborative process. First, we meet with you to find out your ideas and a theme, if you have one (if not, we’ll help you through that process, too). We then take measurements of the room and its furnishings so that we can maximize the space and ensure that there will be a comfortable flow through the space, taking into account the chosen focal point(s) of the room (such as a fireplace). Once the major furnishings are arranged, new or existing decorative elements can be added and any unwanted items can be removed. The result is a fresh look for you or an incentive for a potential buyer to imagine him- or herself comfortably living in the space!

Furniture staging, when well thought-out and carefully done, can make your home easier to move, work, play, and live in. It’s also a great alternative for those whose budget doesn’t allow for a full renovation. Call us today and find out how we can make your home more beautiful by placing your treasures in a new arrangement!


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