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What’s Trending in 2017: Interior Design Trends

With the new year upon us, you might be looking to tackle a new interior design project. Look no further than the interior design of your own beautiful home.

2016 was a great year for new and interesting interior design concepts that really wowed many, and 2017 is quickly following suit, paving the way for your best home decor project yet.

On Trend Colors

2017 is the year of green! Any shade, whether it be emerald, lime, or forest, is trending this new year, and it is perfect for accenting your space.

A green compliment is perfect for the other trend of this year: muted colors. White, beige, blush pink, or anything neutral and muted is the perfect way to go this year.

Incorporating a few of these colors together would go a long way in making your space stand out. Using an emerald green for accent with gray walls and hints of white throughout your interior is the perfect way to start off this year.

Textures and Designs

In 2017, all types of textures are trending for interior design, whether they be brass pieces, different upholstery fabrics, or a textured plush throw on a leather ottoman to create a beautiful contrast.

The options are endless, and the devil is certainly not in the detail here. Mix and match textures, and feel free to try different textures together this year that you wouldn’t have dreamed of in years past.

“Texture is really important,” says Lawrence Bullard, a British interior designer and TV personality. “We are seeing more and more texture in every form, from brushed brass tables to light fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers.” Go crazy with different textures this year!

Another design trend in 2017 is mixing brass with marble pieces. Whether this be in the kitchen or bathroom, either is the perfect option for trying out a new countertop or new fixtures to easily spruce up your space.

Bronze is also trending right now, and mixing and matching it with any interior design is a sure way to get a steampunk feel to your space. Steampunk is a design style combining historical pieces with techno features. The steampunk theme has become exceedingly popular as of late, and it is easy to see why, with the textures, colors, and darker appeal that it has to offer.

Trending Prints

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, and this year tropical prints will be widely popular. Taking cues from runway and fashion design, interior designers are utilizing tropical prints to liven up their decors.

The other trending print of 2017 is anything geometric. Whether this be a new wallpaper, fabric for furnishings, or just a general style theme, designers are going crazy for geometric themes.

The sharp edges work well in every environment, giving the space a more polished feel. The simple lines make your space seem larger, but it is all a trick of the eye, and an easy way to update your living space.

Trending Furnishings

Last but certainly not least, artisan-crafted furniture is trending this year. So go to your local antique shop and search for well-crafted and unique pieces. The extra bit of money is well worth it because these beautiful pieces will be trending for quite some time!

As trending interior designs go, 2017 has officially hit it out of the park with simple yet complex concepts and designs, helping you get the trending interior of your dreams. At e.d.’s paint & decorating, we offer full service interior design to meet your style. From floors to ceilings and everything in between, we can find ways to increase the trending appeal of your home in 2017.  

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